magnesium pillen met magnesiumbisglycinaat Svensson

Magnesium 60 tablets

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200 mg elemental magnesium

60 swallowing tablets


Magnesium pills containing 200mg Magnesium

Svensson Magnesium pills

These Svensson Magnesium pills contain a high amount of Magnesium. Magnesium is needed in your body to maintain muscles and the nervous system. Magnesium also ensures that you can keep moving smoothly and that your bones remain strong.

Use Magnesium pills

We recommend keeping the tablets dry at room temperature. The recommended amount per day is 1 tablet, unless the doctor indicates that it is necessary to use more Magnesium per day. It is best to take the tablets during or after a meal. Try to go for regularity and make sure it is the same meal every time.

Magnesium before exercise

Magnesium pills ensure a good functioning of the muscles and are therefore perfect to use before, during or after exercise. It stimulates the recovery of the muscles and reduces the risk of injuries during sports. Even if you are healthy and do not suffer from anything, it is possible to use Magnesium preventively.

Magnesium from Svensson in short

  • Is the best absorbable form: Amino Chelated
  • One tablet contains 200mg elemental Magnesium
  • Good for the muscles
  • Positive influence on the nervous system and your mental state

Magnesium also available as an effervescent tablet

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