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  • Magnesium effervescent tablet with vitamin B6 and taurine
  • 10 effervescent tablets
  • Pleasant citrus flavor

1 Effervescent tablet contains:

Taurine 750 mg - Magnesium 300 mg - Vitamin C 180 mg - Pyridoxine 1.68 mg - Thiamine 1.32 mg - Sweeteners: Sodium cyclamate and Sodium saccharate - Aroma


This product does not contain any allergens

Nutritional information:

Per effervescent tablet

Magnesium 300 mg (100% RI)
Vitamin C 180 mg (300% RI)
Vitamin B6 1.68 mg (110% RI)
Vitamin B1 1.32 mg (120% RI)

1 effervescent tablet per day in 200 ml of water.

You can do this in your water bottle, but first let the tablet fizz out before you close your water bottle


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