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Low Carb bread with extra protein, 250 g

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  • Low Carb Bread
  • 250 g = 5 slices
  • 3.75 g carbohydrates per slice
  • 11 g high quality proteins per slice

Responsible eating with low carb bread, 250 grams

The reason for choosing low carb bread is personal. Maybe you are currently following a strict dietary schedule, you have diabetes or you simply like the bread very much. In all cases Svensson's protein bread offers the ideal solution. The protein bread is ideal for anyone who finds it difficult to eat without bread during the high-protein diet. This bread is low in carbohydrates and rich in protein and can accompany your slimming meals throughout the protein-rich programme.

Ideal for losing weight in a nice way

This protein bread from Svensson is not only suitable during the protein-rich diet, it is also very tasty. The wide variety of grains used gives it a powerful and intense taste. They give this protein-rich slimming bread an original aroma. The bread contains a total of five slices. The low carb bread with cereals is ideal to start your slimming day with a gourmet high-protein breakfast. It is also suitable to combine with raw vegetables. You get 11 g and 3.6 g of carbohydrates per serving.

Compatible with the different stages of the protein-rich diet

This low carb bread is compatible with the different stages of the protein-rich diet. In phase 1 of the protein-rich diet (slimming phase) one slice of cereal bread is allowed; two slices are also suitable for phase 2 of the protein-rich diet (transition phase). We have selected this protein product because of its nutritional and taste qualities and with this packaging you benefit from the best price. Also available: protein bread packed per slice.

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Low Carb bread with extra protein, 250 g
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