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Instant cake chocolate

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  • Instant Cake chocolate
  • Rich in proteins
  • Low in fat
  • Low in carbohydrates
  • Preparation time: 1 min + 30 sec
  • Box of 6 sachets

Healthy cake as a source of protein

Are you a cake and pie lover? Then this healthy cake might be something for you! During a diet you quickly think that you should ignore all desserts. Svensson shows that you don't have to do this and that's why Svensson has an extensive range of healthy desserts.

Healthy cake when slimming

The Svensson instant cake is lower in carbohydrates and contains less fat. This dessert is virtually sugar free and therefore also suitable for diabetics who normally have to skip desserts often. This healthy warm mug cake is prepared within a minute and a half and is ideal as a dessert or snack. A box of instant cake chocolate contains no less than 6 sachets.

Cake with extra proteins for athletes

The Svensson instant cake contains no less than 18 grams of high-quality proteins per serving. It has been proven that proteins repair the muscles that are lost in the production of energy and help the body to recover. In addition, a protein diet ensures the maintenance of lean muscle mass. This healthy cake is a worthy alternative for athletes who want to include extra protein in their weekly menu. Instant cake also available as a salty bite.