Fitanergy - Koninginnebrij - Svensson

Fitanergy, tonic with royal jelly, 10 days cure

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  • Tonic for building up the energy
  • Contains royal yelly
  • Favourable for the endurance of active people and athletes
  • 200 ml = 10 days of cure


Fitanergy: delicious energy drink with royal jelly.

As well as royal jelly, Svensson combines the better ingredients in this liquid tonic. This complex has the ability to quickly boost your energy level and support you day after day.

Ginseng has been recognised since the early Chinese writings as the ideal tonic for humans. Only we have seen that there are two variants of ginseng and that they both have a slightly different effect on the body. The Siberian Ginseng is more for mental energy. The Panax Ginseng takes care of the physical energy hence this combination.

This pleasant drink is based on:

  • Royal jelly, as a particularly fortifying nutrient
  • Green tea as an antioxidant
  • The two ginsengs (Siberian and Panax) together with guarana as a stimulant provide the necessary production of energy in your body

Fitanergy, the ginseng supplement to boost your daily energy

This ginseng tonic with royal jelly provides extra energy boost and is easily absorbed

  • As a cure for building up energy, e.g. students in exam periods
  • Helps endurance of active people
  • In busy periods and a sudden lack of energy.

How to use Fitanergy?

Every day you need to perform and you need extra energy once or twice a day a 20 ml cup.

Students should combine this with rhodiola for optimal effect.


Water, red wine (aroma, contains sulphite), Paullinia cupana/Guarana (seed) liquid extract, Camelia Sinensis/Green tea (leaf) / royal jelly, Panax ginseng (root), Eleutherococcus/Siberian ginseng (root).

Contains sweetener (sucralose) and caffeine.

Alc 7% Vol

Allergens information

Contains Sulfite