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  • Higher libido

  • More sexual energy

    • For the woman

    Enough energy for a 'sense' full sexual drive

    Libido women: many daily influences can have an unfavorable impact on a woman's general wellbeing and sexual experience.

    Fem-Xtr is a legally non-hormonal product which, thanks to the combination of plants and vitamins, contributes to optimizing the woman's stimuli. Both on an energetic, hormonal and physical level your body and mind are supported to feel your optimal woman

    Vitamin B5 contributes to normal mental performance and helps with mental exertion/pressure, in addition to reducing fatigue.

    Turnera helps in maintaining a healthy sexuality. Turnera aphrodisiacs is an excellent tonic that relieves stress and anxiety.

    With Fem-Xtr the energy increases, the state of mind improves, with increased libido and more satisfaction.

    Tribulis and the libido in women

    Tribulis is a plant that can support one or more hormonal modifications. It is not a hormone but tribulis only regulates abnormally low hormone levels without ever exceeding physiological standards. (adaptogenic properties of the plant).

    In addition to its hormonal support, the plant is above all an excellent physical and sexual tonic:

    • the improvement of general fatigue

    • the increase in energy potential

Female Athletes

Studies in female athletes have shown that Tribulis allows an increase in strength and muscle mass at the expense of fat mass with better recovery after exercise. However, it is important to pay attention if you are an athlete subject to antidopin control. Products with an active extract of tribulis terrestris sign in 99.9% of the cases in an anti-doping test.

For men


2 capsules:
Turnera aphrodisiaca (folia)/Damien leaf dry extract 200 mg - Tribulus terrestris/Tribulus (fruit) standardized on saponins dry extract 200 mg - Centella asiatica (herba)/Gotu Kola (herb) dry extract 140 mg - Hippophaë rhamnoides (semen)/Duindoorn powder (oil from seed) (standardized on Omega 7) 100 mg - Vitamin E (D- alpha tocopherol) - Vitamin B5 (Ca pantothenate) - Vitamin M (folic acid)


Vitamin B5Vitamin M
Vitamin E 20 mg (166% RI)
18 mg (300% RI)
400 µg (200% RI)


This product contains no allergens


adults: 2 capsules per day while eating. Do not use this product if you are pregnant or want to become pregnant soon. (Tribulus terrestris)


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