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Creatine Xtr 60 tablets with glutamine

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  • More explosive strength
  • A faster recovery from explosive exercise
  • Creatine enriched with Taurine and L Glutamine


Creatine pills are proven to improve strength and endurance

Creatine pills. Thanks to the Creatine tablets you can stimulate muscle growth. By taking one Creatine XTR tablet before exercise, you make sure your muscles grow faster and you lose fat faster. With the tablets you can also improve your sports performance during the explosive sports efforts.

Info about using creatine pills.

When you start using the Creatine XTR tablets, you will soon notice that your athletic performance will skyrocket. You will notice that your muscles recover faster, just like the rest of your body. The creatine tablets make sure that your muscles don't stiffen up so fast during an intensive sports activity. So this is a perfect solution against muscle soreness after and cramps during sports.

Not only the recovery of the muscles is stimulated by the Creatine XTR tablets, but also your performance improves. So you have more strength, you can train longer and harder and creatine has a positive effect on your printing performance. The lean mass such as your muscles, bones, water, tendons and organs grows thanks to the use of Creatine pills.

The Creatine XTR tablets in short

  • More explosive strength

  • Provides better and faster muscle recovery

  • Stimulates muscle growth and fat loss

  • more resistant to dehydration and during sports in warm weather

  • Burns the amino acids Taurine and L Glutamine

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4 tablets contain : creatine monohydrate 3 g - taurine 800 mg - L glutamine 200 mg


This product contains no allergens


Please take creatine preferably in a course of treatment:
Adult basic treatment : maximum 4 tablets per day for 8 weeks.
Take creatine with the meal/snack for better muscle loading. Take creatine on training days immediately after the workout. Wait a minimum of 4 weeks between 2 creatine cures.
Medical advice is recommended for longer use or higher doses. People with kidney or liver problems should also consult their doctor first.

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