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Circuvit Xtr heavy legs, monthly cure

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  • Outcome for heavy legs and swollen feet
  • Better circulation prevents cold hands and feet
  • Supports the cardiovascular system


Better circulation prevents cold hands and feet

Blood flow ? Trouble with tired legs, sore feet or cold hands. What you need to do is keep the blood vessels supple and elastic, because that is where the cause lies.

Circuvit Xtr contains a highly concentrated ginkgo biloba and vitis vinifera for a better blood circulation

In addition, Circuvit Xtr contains a number of natural ingredients with a recognized influence. on our cardiovascular condition such as standardized fish oil (omega 3 fatty acids) anti oxidants (Vitamin C and E) and soy isoflavones (standardized on Daidzein). This combination

  • helps with tiredness
  • unswells
  • protects the skin against ageing
  • contributes to a valent light feeling
  • smooth legs
  • has a beneficial effect on blood flow

Circuvit combines the nutrients from the Mediterranean and Japanese diets.

Circuvit a supplement based on red wine polyphenols has, in combination with the other ingredients, a beneficial effect on blood circulation and the cardiovascular system. A good circulation in your blood vessels has a beneficial effect on heavy and tired legs, disfigured veins and your cholesterol. Various dietary patterns such as the Mediterranean diet and the Japanese diet show the healthiest condition of the cardiovascular system. This science has brought circuvit together in a capsule.

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