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Causes of fatigue

Insufficient sleep

Sleep is an essential function of life. We need this period of physical rest and rehabilitation of the nervous system. Poorly rested brains are constantly recharged and work less efficiently after a while. We work slower and close the day with a to-do list. We are too tired to sleep and end up in a vicious circle. Try to work on your sleep hygiene to break this cycle.


Work pressure and the associated stress have become a daily element. This stress is the result of several accumulating causes:
  • bad atmosphere in the workplace
  • harassment by superiors
  • result-oriented work and staff reduction
  • cancelled lunch
  • sound polution
  • long commute and late arrival home
  • household obligations

This constant pressure that gives the impression that you have never finished anything, that your time is being stolen, gives you stress. This stress puts continuous pressure on the nervous system, which ultimately results in fatigue.

Overworked muscles

In strength athletes, but also athletes in general and manual workers, the muscles are often overloaded for a long time. The accumulation of lactic acid in the muscle can acidify the entire body. This manifests itself in fatigue.

Sugar problem

If we eat food with fast sugars, the glucose level in the blood will rise very quickly. Insulin is secreted by the pancreas and lowers blood sugar by storing glycogen in the liver. When this storehouse is full, glucose will be converted into fats. This spike in blood sugar -- and the subsequent glucose drop -- leaves you feeling exhausted. Craving for quick energy, you instinctively reach for another serving of refined carbohydrates, which can lead to a vicious cycle. As an energy source, choose carbohydrates with slow sugars.


Drinking enough is important. Moisture is an important co-factor in the transport of our nutrients. Every day we lose fluid through urine, breathing and sweating. Even mild dehydration can reduce energy levels and alertness. Make sure you drink enough to replace fluids lost during the day.


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