Collection: Cycling: grinding kilometres thanks to sufficient training

Cycling: grinding kilometers thanks to sufficient training

Svensson, the ideal partner for every cycling route

Cycling: Do you cycle a long distance every week? Would you like to be able to tick off some extra kilometers from your to-do list? If so, the kilometers you've trained every Sunday so far are certainly important. Endurance cycling requires long training sessions where you'll cover a lot of distances on your bike. Whether you're training for that bike ride with your friends or that important race. Without those kilometers in your legs and an adjusted diet before, during and after the tour, it's almost impossible to reach your goal in a responsible and healthy way.

Mileage in cycling

Cycling is an accessible and popular sport worldwide. Whether you're into cycling, cyclocross or mountain biking, you'll always start with a base of endurance bikes. It should therefore no longer be said that cycling is an endurance sport. Professional cyclists spend most of their training sessions on the road, where they easily cover some 400 to 1000 km per week. But recreational cyclists also ride about 300 km per week. We probably don't have to tell you that mileage does eat up some of your spare time. Often you are forced to follow a tight work training schedule. Often a good preparation doesn't quite succeed due to lack of time. Just think of those times when you get on your bike without having eaten a full meal first. Maybe you didn't feel at your best during that trip.

Sufficient fuel to reach your goal

Adequate and proper training for your ultimate goal is much needed, but you should certainly not forget to feed your body with the fuels it needs. A healthy diet is therefore just as important as your workout. Opt for a good variation of carbohydrates, proteins and healthy fats, which you can then supplement with the necessary hydration during your workout. CTA: What's the best way to prepare for a long trip? Discover it in this specific dietary plan.

Tested by experienced cyclists

Because not every recreational athlete has a team of nutritionists behind him or her, Svensson sports nutrition helps you achieve your goal in a healthy way. The products are tested, approved and used by professional athletes who belong to the absolute top of the world. Together with sports nutritionists and specialists, Svensson searches for an efficient formula of 100% pure ingredients that will help you as an athlete.