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Start running: Kilometres and stamina

Get your ultimate kilometre goal with Svensson.

Start running

You've been busy with 'Start to run' for a while now? Do you want to push your limits after the 5 km? Then perhaps you are training hard and pushing your limits. Long distance running includes races of 10 km, 15 km, a half marathon and a whole marathon. These distances all require excellent fitness and a strong stamina.

Running has become very popular in recent years. The low-threshold aspect means that many people now practice the sport. A pair of good running shoes and a well thought-out training schedule are all you need to start running. In just 10 weeks an inexperienced athlete could already run 5 km. Once you can run those 5 km without too much effort, you soon feel the urge for more. It is therefore not surprising that after the Start to run hype more and more long distances are being run.

An adapted training if you want to start running.

If you want to push your limits after the usual 5 km, you will realise all too well that you need to adapt the training process. If you used to run 5 km just before breakfast, you'll soon notice that you don't run 10 km flawlessly on a sober stomach. In order to achieve your ultimate kilometre goal, not only do you have to adjust your training, but your nutrition also plays a major role in achieving your goal. Long distance running requires a lot from your body. So it is important that you have enough energy before, during and after your performance. Because you walk longer, your muscles will also get tired. To prevent this, your body needs beta-alanine.

What should you eat before, during and after a long distance?

Sport nutrition that helps you

As an athlete, you always need an optimal variation of carbohydrates, proteins and healthy fats in order to perform well. Because you demand a lot from your body over long distances, Svensson can help you achieve your goal in a healthy and responsible way. Without any injuries. After all, the products have been extensively tested and approved by a team of specialists and athletes who belong to the top of the world. They contain 100% pure ingredients and are subject to strict quality control before they are placed on the shelves. The products are a good addition to a healthy diet and help you, as an athlete, to achieve your goal.