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Tired during the fall? Take extra care of your health.

Door Claudia Smet 18 Nov 2020 0 comments

Vrouw die geniet van een gezellige herfstwandeling

Weather changes have an effect on your body

Autumn also marks the beginning of the transition to colder weather. Your body needs some time to get used to the changing circumstances. This is not only because the temperatures are getting lower, but also because the days are getting shorter. Because it gets dark faster and you spend less time outside, you get less sunlight. In addition, the sun shows itself less often as autumn progresses.

Others also suffer from autumn

Not only you, but everyone around you will have to adapt to the autumn weather. If you have children, you know how quickly your children are infected with a flu or a cold by daycare or school. But other family members and colleagues can also infect you. Sometimes nothing can be done about this, but if you have a low resistance you are extra susceptible to illnesses and other physical discomforts.

What can you do to better protect yourself against autumn?

After a warm and sunny summer, it always takes some getting used to when autumn really starts. With the inclement autumn weather, going outside is not an attractive idea. You will seek out the warmth of your home and each other more. We give you a number of tips to get through the fall in good health.

Tips to get you through the fall

You can take a number of measures to counteract the effect of autumn.

First of all, make sure that you continue to go outside regularly despite the bad weather. Sitting indoors all day only increases the chance of catching a cold from someone else. Moreover, it undermines your resistance. You can dress well for the worse weather conditions. So regularly get a breath of fresh air on the beach or in the woods. In any case, make sure you keep moving enough and catch the sun when it shines.

The lack of sunlight can cause a deficiency of vitamin D. Especially if you don't often go outside in the fall, it's best to take Vitamin D. You can also take a combination of vitamins in the form of multi-vitamin tablets.

Also make sure you keep eating healthy. So eat a varied diet, use lots of fresh vegetables and eat oily fish regularly. We get important vitamins from our food (including vitamins B and C) and other substances that keep us healthy and sharp. To make sure that you and your family get all the daily vitamins you need, you can supplement your diet with vitamin C tablets or multivitamins.

You can further support your immunity by using medicinal substances. For example with purple coneflower (Echinacea purpurea), which helps to build up your resistance and prevents respiratory infections and colds, among other things. Supplements withprobiotics and Omega 3 also help your body and mind to get through the fall better. Omega 3 also has a positive effect on your skin, which also has a hard time in the changing circumstances.

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