What a detox does to your body

Vrouw maakt een detox smoothie

Today, we are exposed to more and more toxic substances. Think of heavy metals in the air, pesticide residues, air pollution and so on. Our bodies can largely deal with these substances, but a detox treatment can also be a help.

What is detoxing?

Detoxing or detoxification. These are all synonyms which actually mean that you cleanse or purify your body from all the bad and unhealthy substances over a period of time. You can do this by following a diet, a plan or a set of rules. The most well-known example is a detox cure. You adjust your diet or lifestyle for a certain period, which will make you feel better physically and mentally.

Detoxing is more than just detoxing your body. You give yourself and your body a rest, it has a positive influence on your general wellbeing, you purify your body and you nourish your body with healthy and natural products.

Daily cleaning of your body

Detoxen met planten

Your body cleanses itself (even without a detox treatment) every day, which is only natural. The organs in your body do their best 24/7 to cleanse you as best they can and water-soluble and fat-soluble waste products leave your body every day.

It all starts with the lymphatic system which ensures that your cells are free of waste products and via the bloodstream it reaches the liver and the kidneys. The liver ensures that external waste (e.g. pesticides and air pollution) can leave your body as much as possible and that the waste is water soluble, so that it can leave your body via your kidneys.

You may now ask: "Is a detox necessary? Yes it is! Organs such as your gut, liver and kidneys can use a little help from time to time with this process, so that your body can clear out any residual waste in fat cells or in connective tissue.

When is a detox necessary?

If you have some of these symptoms, you may be interested in detoxing. We do recommend that you see a doctor in case of:

  • Extreme headaches
  • Fatigue
  • Several exhaustion
  • Plotty skin rash
  • Constipation
  • Weak digestion
  • Bulkiness
  • bad breath
  • Difficulty concentrating on memory
  • Difficulty of mind

How long and how often should you detox?

We cannot say exactly how long a detox treatment will last, as this also depends on the way in which you detox. What we do know is that the body needs time to drive the remaining waste products out of the body and regulate them properly. So you shouldn't expect to be able to do a detox treatment in a few days.

The spring and autumn can be used with a detox treatment. This way you avoid an accumulation of waste products and you can face both the sultry summer days and the harsh winter days with a fresh feeling.

How do you make sure there are as few bad and unhealthy waste products in your body as possible?

  • A healthy diet: avoid coffee, alcohol, tobacco, refined sugars and saturated fats as much as possible and drink enough water throughout the day.

    Say goodbye to stress: stress has an impact on just about everything and therefore also on the detoxification in your body.

    • A healthy lifestyle with enough sleep.

    • Stay active for good circulation and the proper functioning of other processes in your body.

    On to a healthy lifestyle!

    A detox cleanses your body from head to toe, making you feel good about yourself again. So it's not a bad idea to detox, but make sure you still get all the essential nutrients. We recommend getting professional help if you want to detox. Svensson can help you with this.

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