Intermittent fasting: which program fits me best ?

The different programs intermittent fasting.

There are different methods you can use for intermittent fasting. It all depends on whether you are striving for weight maintenance or weight loss. You should also choose the programme that suits you best. The programme should fit in with your work and lifestyle. Some of the possible protocols:

16:8 fasting method

This method means that you don't eat anything for 16 hours, followed by 8 hours that you do. As an example on day 1, your last bite will be at 8pm and your next meal will not be until 12pm on day 2. The advantage is that this method is perfectly compatible with most work schedules

16:8 fasting method

5:2 program

In this protocol you will fast 2 days a week and little or no calories. The other 5 days you will eat according to a healthy and balanced diet.

5:2 diet

The advantage is that you don't have to count calories on non-fixed days and you don't have to weigh everything. Tricky is that you plan your 2 days of fasting well in advance.

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4:3 programme

4:3 programme

This programme is often used by obese people (BMI > 30) or people who want to achieve their weight loss goal more quickly. Now you plan 3 days of fasting alternating with 4 non-eating days.

4:3 diet

In the last 2 programmes you will see that on a week's view there is a strong reduction in calorie intake. If the calorie intake is less than the calorie consumption, this results in weight loss. Of course it is important to make sure that during non-eating days you have a balanced intake of the various macro-nutrients (carbohydrates - proteins - fats). After all, each nutrient has a specific function towards our body. Nice tips for non-fixed days:

  • Strive for an increased intake of proteins via protein-rich snacks. On the one hand, proteins ensure better and longer satiety. On the other hand, proteins also ensure the preservation of your muscle mass.
  • Carbohydrate the evenings on non-eating days as low as possible.

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