Svensson's energy bars are doing well (review)

Where do you quickly get your energy from?

Read on Many nutritional brands on the market have a wide range of sports bars. Our personal experience is that there are always some that you like and others that you prefer to avoid for the taste. At Svensson they have limited themselves to 4 bars, which we have already discussed here. Now we have also been able to try them out for ourselves.

Svensson has Salty Caramel, Sweet Orange, Almond Coconut and Bosberry in its range. As far as tested these are not to be sneezed at. The salty caramel, for example, is even worth a snack in between without sporting. In terms of use: the packaging opens relatively easily and that is already a 1st important condition for while cycling. Nothing is as annoying as a bar that you have to drag open with your teeth and then a small piece of packaging waste comes loose. Not bothered during our rides with the Svensson bars as fuel.

energiereep Svensson
The nice thing is that with these bars you have a real feeling of eating. You can bite, you even have to bite. The composition is not too soft but also not too dry. They are also not too sweet, so you don't get an automatic urge to eat more, at a time when your body doesn't need it. There are also pieces in the bars, which allows you to nibble for an extra long time. This ensures that there is more time between biting, which prolongs the process. Personally we find this an added value. The bars do feel fairly heavy, but the digestion went without a hitch and did not require an early visit to the toilet. That is the most important thing of all. Anyone with digestive problems might benefit more from gels - we will be discussing these here soon. Fat content and energy boost are around the average for energy bars. So that should definitely not be an issue to opt for Svensson.
Energierepen Svensson

Trial pack

The nice thing about the bars is that you can actually see the entrants - oats, oranges, coconuts,... -. The sweet orange is the sweetest of the 4 bars, while the salty caramel is very salty. It sometimes asks for an extra sip of water, but we ourselves have experienced that as an advantage. The blueberry and coconut bars are the most neutral in taste. Taster pack with 6 bars .

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