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Svenssons energy gel for sports (review)

Door Claudia Smet 26 Sep 2019 0 comments

Duursporten, gebruik van gels Svensson

Svensson has energy gels for every kind of performance

Tested on cycling story. com

Energy gels are indispensable in contemporary cycling. They are easily digestible, easy to carry and above all a direct supplier of energy for every level of rider, from tourists to competitive riders. We received the Endurance Energy Gel, Booster Energy Gel and Final Energy Gel from Svensson and tested them in competition. That resulted in an unexpected anecdote.

Final Energy Gel

The 1st gel that passes in review is the Final, which should be taken in the final of your competition or effort, as the name suggests. The Final is available in a 'spicy coffee' flavor - which suited us very well as a notorious coffee lover. The gel is easy to open with the mouth - always useful during the course - and is very fluid, which is an absolute plus. Some other gels are rather syrupy and therefore difficult to ingest. If the gels are difficult to take, they can also be used optimally by mixing them in a drinking bottle with 450ml water, so that you obtain an isotonic sports drink with the endurance gel. A 46g gel contains 75mg of caffeine, which is immediately noticeable after ingestion. Within 10 minutes after taking it, we noticed an increased concentration increase, and the aching legs became a thing of the past for a while. In addition to the caffeine, the Final also contains black pepper, which stimulates the nervous system and reduces fatigue, and 30g of carbohydrates, which makes this gel in combination with a thirst quencher an ideal form of energy supply in the final. TIP: Do NOT use this gel towards the evening. We thought it would be a good idea to test this gel at an evening criterium. However, that turned out to be a very bad plan. This gel is certainly a stimulant for sports performance, but there are better means to fall asleep. Sleeping was a challenge – something that is usually not a problem after a race – and the 3 o'clock clock was easily exceeded.

Duursporten energie gel booster

Booster Energy Gel

The Booster can be seen as a combination of the Final and the Endurance Energy Gel. It also contains caffeine, but less than the Final - 35mg in a 45g serving, versus 75mg in the Final. The Endurance is intended for a slow release of energy, which means that this gel is also more focused on the endurance of the athlete. The presence of caffeine and guarana means that the gel also provides a stimulus in terms of concentration and a reduction of fatigue, resulting in a fresher feeling. Because the Booster contains 30g of carbohydrates, this is the perfect gel to take during exercise. The big difference is that when taking the Final there is a danger, when the caffeine has worn off, of getting the well-known dip that athletes often complain about when taking a high dose of caffeine during a competition. Because the Booster contains only half caffeine, there will be a noticeable difference in the ability to concentrate and combat fatigue, but there will be no characteristic dip when the caffeine has worn off. The Booster is available in the flavors red fruit, mint and natural tea.

Duursporten: endurance gel banaan

Endurance Energy Gel

Last but not least: the Endurance Energy Gel, a gel that, as the name suggests, is mainly aimed at the long-term release of energy and is therefore perfectly suited for endurance sports. With this gel there is no question of the presence of caffeine, guarana or the like, but of citrates and electrolytes. They ensure that the athlete suffers as little as possible from fluid loss during exercise because they retain moisture. The Endurance comes in 4 flavours: lime, banana, cappucino and cola – the latter in particular being our personal recommendation.

Curious about our energy bars. Then be sure to check out this blog.

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