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Nurture your musculoskeletal system naturally.

Door Claudia Smet 12 Sep 2021 0 comments
Koester je bewegingsapparaat op natuurlijke wijze

A look at the skeleton

The skeleton is the bony framework of our body and has a double function. On the one hand it keeps our body straight and flexible, and on the other hand the skeleton protects our organs.

The bones

A bone is a living organ. It is constantly renewed and stores minerals essential for the proper functioning of the body, such as calcium and phosphorus. The nerves that run through the leg make it sensitive.

The joints

The joints connect the bones. They are classified according to their structure or mobility. In the highly mobile joints, both ends are covered with smooth and firm cartilage, so that they can move in relation to each other. The ligaments ensure the stability of the joint and prevent excessive movements. The whole is surrounded by the joint capsule.

The muscles

The muscles make up almost half of the body weight. They consist of fibers that can contract to make movements or to assume a position. The muscles consist of muscle fiber bundles, criss-crossed by numerous blood vessels that supply the necessary oxygen and glucose for muscle contraction.

Our musculoskeletal system and ageing.

As our bodies age, the ability to produce and maintain connective tissue such as muscle and cartilage decreases. This, in turn, can lead to the onset of degenerative diseases, including arthritis and osteoarthritis. It's a universal problem, but one that can be easily remedied with proper supplementation of vital nutrients. In fact, clinical studies have shown that the intake of the right nutrients and/or plants can repair degenerated tissue in the run. Several weeks of intake are necessary for this.

Soepel blijven bewegen op alle leeftijden

Keep moving smoothly

Have you ever considered how precious a flexible musculoskeletal system is?

A flexible musculoskeletal system ensures that you can walk, walk, jump, cycle, dance,… In short, live and enjoy life. When you're young, you don't think about this. But when you get older, enjoying the freedom to move smoothly and carefree is not always so obvious anymore. That is why it is wise to take good care of your musculoskeletal system and all its parts. Nutritional supplements can be used to support muscles, joints and bones and help to ensure that you can continue to enjoy youthful flexibility. For centuries, nature has offered us a number of substances that can support movement.

Een massage tip tegen reumatische pijnen met ginseng

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