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How can you avoid and combat stress?

Door Claudia Smet 23 Jun 2021 0 comments

Hoe stress vermijden ?

Everyone experiences stress at certain times in life. This is often healthy stress that disappears in no time. However, stress takes over some people's lives and they are in a vicious circle that can have serious consequences.

Depends on person to person

Every person has a different stress level. That often depends on the objectives, the available resources, personality, environmental factors and the situation in which you find yourself. First try to analyze why you experience stress in order to tackle the cause. We have a number of tips to avoid and combat stress.

Tips to prevent and manage stress

  1. Find out when you experience stress

You often see recurring patterns when you are stressed. Think of similar situations, contact with certain people or at certain times during the day. Try to analyze that and draw up a plan of action. Can I change it? Can I change my view of the situation or learn to control feelings such as anxiety?

  1. Relax regularly

Short periods of stress are no problem for your body. If you alternate them with relaxation, you will quickly relax again. So go for a walk after a stressful presentation, because it helps! Playing sports or having a hobby can help you let go of all the frustrations in your life and clear your mind.

  1. Keep moving

We can't emphasize it enough, but keep moving! Schedule it in your calendar and don't look for an excuse not to do it. Find a fixed pattern that is achievable and pleasant to stick to.

Bewegen is een belangrijk outletkanaal voor stress
  1. Make a good plan and learn to organize

Make to-do lists and check off the things you've already done. Try to do the priority things first and then possibly some smaller tasks. That way you take control and try not to set the bar too high in order to experience as little stress as possible.

  1. Let go of your emotions

Try to keep negative thoughts and feelings of stress bottled up as little as possible. Talk about it with your loved ones or write everything down in a booklet.

  1. Talk to others

Talk about it with people you can count on and share your emotions with them. A good conversation can do wonders.

  1. Don't always give in

Learn to say no and dare to put yourself first. Many people say yes to everything because they think it is expected of them. As a result, you sometimes take on too much hay and you suffer from overload and tension.

  1. A healthy lifestyle

You will feel better about yourself and may therefore be able to deal with stress better. Get enough sleep, eat healthy, exercise enough and moderate your alcohol and coffee consumption.

Good luck!

Try to keep these tips in mind when you experience stress and try to apply them. Do you still have the feeling that the tips will not help you enough? Then try Rhodiola. This plant in combination with vitamin B6 gives you back the mental energy you need to optimally combine your daily activities such as work, hobbies and family. You can use it, for example, if you know that you have a busy period full of projects, deadlines, …

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