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IMPROVE YOUR CONDITION: Some tips and benefits at a glance.

Door Claudia Smet 01 May 2020 0 comments


Uitgeputte vrouw na het sporten

Tired quickly during sports or other intensive exertion? Then it may have to do with your condition. Don't worry you can improve your condition in different ways. That is why in this article we are going to explain how you can improve and build up your condition and what exactly are the benefits of a good condition.

What is condition ?

Before we go into improving your fitness, it is important to know what fitness is exactly. If you ask several people what fitness is, you will most likely get different answers. Often fitness is explained as something that indicates how long you can sustain something. This is only part of your condition, namely endurance. To determine how good your condition is, we also look at your strength, your health and how quickly your body recovers from intensive exercise.

The difference between fitness and endurance

It is often said that fitness and endurance are almost the same thing. Of course this is not so. Endurance, as we mentioned, is part of your fitness. Simply put, your stamina is how long you can do something without getting tired. Your condition also says something about your mental health, the health of your heart, the strength of your immune system and therefore endurance.

Ways to improve your fitness

Now that we know what fitness is exactly, and that it is much more than just good endurance, we can discuss the ways to improve your fitness. As you might expect, improving fitness is not only about intensive exercise or sufficient exercise.

Get moving

Although improving your fitness is not just about moving, it is an important part of improving your fitness. According to research, it is important to exercise moderately intensively for at least 2.5 hours a week. So make sure you move enough so that your body is in shape. You can exercise in a gym or at your sports club. In addition, it is of course also possible to do exercises at home. And how about a run in the woods? Enough ways to get enough exercise!

Watch your diet

The right nutrition has a positive impact on your health and condition. Nutrition determines whether your body is healthy from the inside or not. By getting the right nutrients, you can improve your condition.

Get enough rest

Give your body time to recover as well. If you are constantly moving to get in better shape, you actually only exhaust your body. There is a chance that your body will only become weaker due to all the exercise. Rest is also very important, so make sure you get enough sleep and let your body do nothing at all every now and then.

Why is your fitness important?

If you want to improve your fitness, you often do so for a reason. In many cases it has to do with getting better endurance, but this is just one of the many benefits of being in good shape.

A stronger immune system

People who are in good shape have a better immune system. The chance that they become ill is much smaller than in people who live an unhealthy lifestyle and therefore have a poor condition. During exercise, your body is constantly put to work and is actually recovering all the time. You can therefore conclude that a healthy body is much more used to it than an unhealthy body and is therefore much more resistant to a flu or a cold.

Mental health

Because you are in motion a lot and feel healthy because of the exercise and nutrition, your mental health also improves. You will notice that a better condition also has an impact or the amount of stress you have and that you also become much less irritated.

A healthier heart

If you are in good shape, you are much less likely to get cardiovascular disease. The blood circulation is much better thanks to the healthy lifestyle you have. Your heart is much healthier and the quality of your blood is also better when you are in good shape.

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