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  • Healthy all year round with Swedish herbs

  • Monthly (2 caps/day)

  • According to Maria Treben's recipe


Healthy all year round with Svensson's Swedish herbs

Swedish herbs according to Maria Treben's recipe.

The history of Swedish herbs according to Maria Treben is fascinating and incredible at the same time. Svensson has created this product by analogy with the old recipe*. The unique combination of natural plant extracts helps to maintain natural immunity. Saffron, myrrh and Cape aloe support our natural resistance.

  • fatigue

  • exhaustion

  • laziness

Due to the strong influence on the digestive organs, these herbs can be used very successfully in the case of:

  • full of feeling

  • windiness

  • constipation

  • nausea

Fatigue-free digestive disorders

Briefly Swedish Herbs are the most proven natural remedy in the following cases:

  • Lower appetite

  • Recovery after illness

  • Fatigue and loss of strength

  • Lack of vitality

Substantiated use

For Swedish herbs, a cure approach is desirable. We recommend a minimum cure of 8 weeks.

Who was Maria Treben?

Maria Treben is the author of the book 'Health from the Pharmacy of God'. The old recipe of 'Swedish bitter' was found with his notes after the death of the Swedish doctor Dr Samst. Dr Samst used it himself every day. He died after a fatal accident while riding, when he was 104 years old.

*according to current plant legislation.

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