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Protifase protein diet starter pack 1 week

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Protifase starter pack 7 days package Protein diet 

Protifase, healthy weight loss with the protein diet

Protein diet for 1 week: a package of 35 protein products for anyone who wants to lose weight in a limited time with a short, fast and protein-rich program. Thanks to the Proti3fase program you will become slimmer, feel fitter and become healthier. But of course you have to do something for it (and leave it at that). Just like the thousands of people who have already successfully completed the 3-phase protein-rich diet, you will be motivated by the tangible results along the way.

3 phases to your target weight

Try it out with the new test start package. This 7-day slimming box contains 7 breakfasts, 7 meals and 21 snacks. A total of 35 slimming protein preparations perfect for your protein diet. You can combine this protein-rich programme with one main meal of your choice. This meal preferably consists of white meat or fish combined with vegetables. This package also includes a detailed weekly menu as an example.

Daily routine during the first phase of your protein diet:

  1. Breakfast
  2. 10 h high-protein snack
  3. Lunch or high-protein meal combined with vegetables or a fat-free dairy product*
  4. 15 h high-protein snack
  5. Evening meal or protein-rich meal combined with vegetables or a fat-free dairy product*
  6. 20 h protein rich evening snack

*Depending on your daily schedule or work, you can place your main meal in the afternoon or evening.

To stay in shape during your protein diet, you may want to consider a multi-vitamin cure.