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Rhodiola Xtr

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  • supports the body and mind in case of chronic stress
  • gives rest and energy
  • the natural solution when tension and stress takes over.


Rhodiola rosea supports the body and mind in periods of burn-out

Rhodiola rosea supports the body and mind in periods of stress.

Increasing fatigue complaints are not foreign to our hectic society. With a 'productive life' as an ideal, many westerners live in a higher gear, suffering from stress. More and more people feel extinct and experience a certain form of fatigue, which usually results from a combination of insufficient sleep, a busy job, little free time, psychological strain and individual sensitivity. Rhodiola is the natural solution when tension and stress take over

Do you feel lifeless, stressed, tired, despondent?

Then this miracle root Rhodiola rosea might be the remedy! The "ginseng of the 21st century" has many different properties. Almost all neurotransmitters (=chemicals that regulate the stimulus transfer between the cells) are supported by ingestion of this herb.

Rhodiola helps with mental pressure and exertion

A noticeable increase in resilience in stress situations is the result. And then a energy boost. You feel as if you can handle the whole world again.

The plant Rhodiola works as an adaptogen, it allows body and mind to adapt to extreme situations. In stressful conditions Rhodiola can regulate the hormonal reactions of the body. Besides this extract, Rhodiola Xtr also contains vitamin B6 and magnesium (reduction of the fatigue) and Zinc (restoring immune system)

The Rhodiola plant

Rhodiola contains antioxidants that inhibit harmful oxidation processes on the body, thus protecting normal cell function. Svensson uses the root of this plant. The extract is standardized on at least 3% rosavine and 1% salidroside.

Rhodiola extract in sports.

In 2010 the Rhodiola supplement was tested on athletes. Italian researchers came to the conclusion that the plant could increase the ability of the body to adapt to the effort. For top athletes it is unfortunately difficult to get the Rhodiola extract tested anti-doping, so paying attention is certainly important.


2 capsules contain:

Rhodiola Rosea (root) standardized extract 150 mg - Magnesium as bisglycinate - Zinc as bisglycinate - Vitamin B6

This product contains no allergens

Nutritional information

Per daily dose

Magnesium 56, 25 mg (15% RI)
Zinc 2.25 mg (22.5% RI)
Vitamin B6 0.3 mg (21% RI)


Adults and 12 years old and up: 2 capsules daily before breakfast