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Trial pack with 6 energy bars

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6 energy bars

In promopack: 1.65 euro/bar


The supply of carbohydrates during exercise

For the supply of carbohydrates you can test the energy bars via this inexpensive trial pack.

Each bar with a different digestion time gives you 30 g of carbohydrates.

This ideal snack, for both before and during exercise, gives you long-lasting energy.

Taster pack with 6 energy bars


2 x blueberry - 2 x orange - 2 x Read external review on the bars

The supply of carbohydrates as a source of energy

Carbohydrates are an important fuel for the brain and the central nervous system, as well as for the muscles.

Carbohydrates are stored as glycogen in your liver and muscles. Carbohydrate storage in the body is relatively limited in size.

Carbohydrates offer advantages over fat as a fuel because it provides you with more ATP per volume of oxygen. Carbohydrates are therefore considered a more efficient fuel.

What quantities of carbohydrates are needed

During workouts of less than 45 minutes there is no performance advantage to be gained if you start using extra carbohydrates.

But for training sessions or races lasting more than 1 hour, it helps to take in extra carbohydrates (30 g to 60 g). This supply of carbohydrates will:

  • maintain blood glucose levels
  • spare muscle glycogen reserves
  • postpone fatigue
  • increase stamina.

The amount of carbohydrates depends on the intensity and duration of the exercise and is independent of your body composition.