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Wrist wllet for athletes

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Clever wrist wallet to store small items.


A handy wrist wallet

This wrist wallet is great for runners, athletes and more. Hold items such as your keys, cash, ID or other important small items securely while exercising your physical activity. The wrist wallet is made of high quality soft cotton material that absorbs sweat during running and other activities. They also have a very stylish look and are comfortable to wear.

Nothing in your pockets while exercising

When you start exercising you don't want to have anything in your pockets but still take your house key with you. You can do this in this handy sports bag. Also always handy for some change. This elastic wristband is comfortable and does not pinch your hand.

Wristband in leisure time

Not only for sports but also a handy option for walking on the beach, walking with your pet or children, if you don't want to bring a bag and want your hands free.

Dimensioning: one size fits all

Zipper pockets: helps with keeping items such as cash, keys, other small items, but is not recommended for phones.

Design: light design, stays firmly on the forearm and stops sweat.

Monodose isodrink lemon, also handy to carry.