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Pakket Menopauze

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  • Three natural remedies
  • Experience the transition in a pleasant way

Complaints transition

The transition, it is the period in which the menstrual pattern changes. Every woman has to deal with it around the age of 45-55 years. Some people suffer a lot from complaints, while some hardly notice anything. Common complaints are menstrual complaints, hot flashes and vaginal complaints, but think also of other complaints such as headaches, sleep problems, moods,.....

Natural approach to complaints transition

Svensson transition package consists of three natural product that can help you to experience the complaints transition as pleasantly as possible:

  • Isoflavone

Trouble wiht irritability and mood ? Don't feel good in your skin during the day ? Do you lie awake at night bathed in sweat ? With these menopause complaints, Isoflavone is your first choice: 40 mg isoflavones supplemented with sage extract to help you get through your menopause.

  • Flush Redux

Do you suffer from hot flushes during the day? Do you sometimes walk out of your desk as if you were coming out of the sauna, or do you know that nasty feeling when you have lunch with friends and another one of the heat waves breaks out ? Flushredux is a composition of four specific plants with one goal: to keep your internal thermostat under control. This unique spray, which can easily be taken anywhere, can help you prevent your internal sauna from completely taking over again.

  • Omega 3

Unsaturated fatty acids are important in every moment of our lives. As menopausal women catch up with men in terms of the number of cardiovascular problems, good nutrition is complemented by extra Omega 3 fatty acids a welcome support for your body. You can eat more fish, but a Svensson Omega 3 capsule every day is a natural support that you should use during and after menopause.

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Pakket Menopauze
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