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Immuno-bacto 30

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  • Supports the direct resistance of the whole organism
  • Contains lactoferrin (an important substance in breast milk)
  • With 3 different Echinacea sp. that support the immune system


Immuno-bacto contains lactoferrin.

Lactoferrin is an important protein that has its function in the immune system. However, our own body produces this protein in small quantities. In our diet this protein can only be found in milk (mother's milk, cow's milk or horse's milk)

Within our own defence mechanism, lactoferrin will trap iron particles limiting the growth of bad bacteria.

In addition to this affinity for iron, this protein in combination with 3 different variants of Echinacea will immediately and directly protect the immune system.

Immunobacto is recommended to be used during shorter periods.

Preventive for general resistance all year round, it is better to use Immuno Xtr with echinacea.

3 in 1 formula for direct resistance

As well as lactoferrin and Echinacea, Immuno bacto also contains Morus Alba or the white mulberry. Morus Alba ensures that unfavourable bacteria cannot attach themselves, which provides extra protection.

Stress, periods of heavy sports performance, insufficient recovery time can weaken our resistance.

Immunobacto with lactoferrin for athletes.

As an athlete your body is under pressure - a well functioning immune system is therefore important. During heavy (long-term) efforts, a temporary suppression of the immune system occurs. As a result, athletes are more susceptible to infectious diseases after heavy exertion.