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Energy gel booster flavour natural tea - mint

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  • Contains 30 g complex carbohydrates
  • Contains ginseng and guarana (35 mg caffeine)
  • Contains vitamin C which contributes to normal energy metabolism
  • 35 mg caffeine
  • Flavour : Mint - natural tea

Booster gel: nutritional gel with 35 mg of caffeine.

Power and focus: this gel gives you a tangible difference very quickly with an extra mental boost as a surplus: 'The power to go on and keep focused.

Energy gel booster is the Svensson nutritional gel to use in all sports:

  • Unique carbohydrate structure: Svensson energy gel provides you with 30 g of carbohydrates
  • High and fast absorption (2:1)
  • Long-term energy supply
  • Contains guarana extract with ginseng and green tea source of approx 35 mg of natural caffeine.


Replace an energy gel endurance with this booster gel when you need a super-fast energy kick. The booster gel provides an extra powerrush when things get difficult. Also available in the flavor red fruits


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