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Energy bar orange flavour
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Energy bar orange flavour

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  • 30 g carbohydrates (= energy)
  • with acerola
  • soft texture
  • an orange flavour


Sports bar orange for the supply of carbohydrates during exercise

The Svensson sports bar ensures the supply of 30 g of carbohydrates during exercise. The energy is released more slowly than with a gel. However, an energy bar can be a welcome alternative to liquid energy sources or gels. Do, however, take into account the time it takes for the bar to digest.

During prolonged exercise (> 2 hours) the body needs about 60 g carbohydrates per hour. If we overload our stomach with complex nutrition we can suffer from digestive problems such as cramps, nausea, gas or diarrhoea. Svensson bars consist of 60% carbohydrates and contain very little fibre.In addition, the presence of different sources of carbohydrates in a bar allows the body to absorb and use more carbohydrates, while reducing digestive discomfort. Nor does that bar contain any prepared sugars.

High energy sports bar with a soft texture

Svensson's High energy oat bar (50g) has a sweet orange flavour. This sports bar is very practical (easy to carry and easy to open). You have to chew the bars, but even that's no problem with this sports bar thanks to its soft texture. The soft texture makes it easy to use this bar during your exercise.

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