Energiereep Bosbes - energierepen Svensson
Energy bar blueberry flavour
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Energy bar blueberry flavour

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  • 30 g carbohydrates (= energy)

  • with acai berry

  • soft texture

  • blueberry flavour


Energy bars from Svensson for the supply of carbohydrates during exercise

The energy bars from Svensson ensure the supply of 30 g of carbohydrates during exercise. The energy is released more slowly than with a gel. However, an energy bar can be a welcome addition to liquid energy sources or gels. However, take into consideration the time it takes for a bar to digest.

High energy bar with soft texture

The Svensson High energy oat bar (50 g) has a sweet blueberry taste. The soft texture makes it easy to use these energy bars during your exertion.

Energy bars without added sugars

Carbohydrates help to improve your stamina during training sessions or races with a high intensity that last longer than 1 hour. It is your own preference whether you use carbohydrates in the form of an energy bar, drink or gel during exercise. The main advantage of sports nutrition is its convenience: easy to take with you and eat on the go.

The Svensson energy bars contain little or no added sugars. Added sugars are the sugars that are added to the food during preparation. The specific recommendation of these sugars for an average person who consumes 2000 calories a day corresponds to approximately 25 g. This recommendation is designed to reduce the risk of obesity and improve dental health.

The carbohydrates in the Svensson energy bars are naturally present in the basic ingredients.

Make sure that you carry enough to replace the fluid lost through sweating and to digest the bar.