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Protein-rich snack box

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Snack box

Mix of 6 protein-rich snacks

Suitable from phase 1 or as a snack with a ZERO3 cure



Mixed pack with 6 healthy snacks.

Svensson put together a box of 6 healthy snacks so that you have enough energy and a full and satiated feeling throughout the day. This box is ideal if you need inspiration, for your own convenience and for people with a busy schedule.

Combination of healthy snacks

The protein-rich snack box contains a selection of drinks, shakes, desserts and salty snacks. It is the ideal combination of healthy snacks that you can integrate into your protein or low-carbohydrate diet.


A high-protein diet gives you a satisfied and satiated feeling more quickly and automatically makes you eat less. Protein has been proven to repair the muscles lost in energy production and aid the body in recovery. In addition, a protein diet ensures the maintenance of lean muscle mass.


The box can also be perfectly combined with a ZERO3 cure. ZERO 3 are capsules based on soluble dietary fiber. You take 2 capsules of ZERO 3 each time on the fast days during your 4: 3 diet or your 5: 2 diet.

Why the protein-rich snacks from Svensson?

The benefits of healthy snacks at a glance:

  • About 100 kcal per serving

  • Reduced in carbohydrates and fats

  • Enriched with vitamins, minerals and fiber

  • Quality proteins

  • Quick and easy to prepare.