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Protein bar taste chocolate

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  • Box with 8 bars
  • Rich in proteins
  • Rich in fibres
  • 15 g of proteins per bar


Chocolate bars with proteins from Svensson

Chocolate bars with proteins are now an integral part of the diet of people who want to increase their proteins in a responsible way without taking in too much fat or sugar.

Proteins make you feel satiated faster.

Svensson chocolate bars have therefore been developed to help as an ideal "extra" source of protein for both athletes and people who wish to control their weight. 159 kcal/bar

Proteins for fanatical athletes

The chocolate bars contain high quality proteins to maintain and build muscle mass. The combination of carbohydrates and proteins improves not only recovery but also the replenishment of muscle glycogen.

Proteins are an important nutrient for the body.

Your body produces many nutrients on its own. Unfortunately, proteins do not belong to the category of substances produced by the body. Proteins must be obtained from food. Proteins can be found in animal (egg, fish, meat and dairy) and vegetable (beans, tofu, lentils and whole grains) products. Thanks to a protein diet, you can maintain the amount of protein in your body. Sometimes a protein diet does not bring enough protein into your body. In order to still get enough protein in your body, you can use protein rich bars such as these chocolate bars.

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