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Citra Xtr

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  • Zinc contributes to a healthy acid/base balance
  • For normal acid/base metabolism
  • Provides additional electrolytes in the form of citrates
  • 250 g

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Zinc restores body acidification

Body acidification ?

Our body needs both base forming and acid forming foods. In order to function optimally, we need slightly more base forming foods (80%) than acid forming foods (20%). When this is in balance, we feel fit and energetic.

Our meals contain more and more acid forming foods, leaving behind more acidic residues. Refined and prepared meats are the biggest culprits. Other examples of acid-forming foods are meat, coffee, fish, eggs, sugar, soft drinks and wheat products. An unbalanced diet is the source of acidification in the body.

Basic foods include potatoes, vegetables and fruit.

Our body will deacidify the acid residues using our body's own substance Nabicarbonate.

Results of the acidification of the body

Acid residues accumulate between the cells and in the connective tissue. This causes health problems ranging from fatigue and chronic inflammation to arteriosclerosis.

The role of proteins can also be determined by the acidity of our blood. Only at an optimal acidity can proteins remain stable and properly fulfil their key role in many physical processes.

Citra Xtr for athletes

Citra Xtr contains zinc that contributes to an acid-base balance. In addition, Citra Xtr contains citrates. Citrate-intake can help to increase the bicarbonate buffer.

For athletes:

If a hot day is ahead of us, we will start to sweat extra, which lowers our salt ratio (Sodium/Potassium). Pre-hydrate the two days before by drinking 1.5 litres of extra water spread over the day containing 5 to 15 g of Citra Xtr. During your trip, you can also add Citra Xtr extra to your water bottle with sports drink.

At times of high intensity where a lot of lactic acid is formed, our buffer is no longer sufficient. This is one of the main causes of fatigue during these efforts.