carbo load,rich energy drink,replenishing energy,benefits of drinking energy drink during exercise

Carbo Load, energy drink, before and during sports

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Carbohydrate-rich energy drink

Can be drunk both cold and hot

Replenishing the energy reserves

Contains sodium for better moisture absorption and retention


Carbohydrate-rich energy drink

Svensson's carboload energy drink contains an optimal combination of different sugars which allow absorption of 90 g of carbohydrates per hour during intensive exercise. This improves stamina and helps to prevent muscle fatigue. Ideal drink to replenish your energy reserves before, during and after exercise.

Svensson carboload contains sodium

Svensson carboload contains sodium as an electrolyte for better moisture absorption and retention. Drinking this energy drink at the same time replenishes sodium that is lost through sweating.

Carboload, this energy drink can be drunk either hot or cold

In cold weather, less attention is often paid to drinking. Nevertheless, the importance is underestimated. Carboload as a hot drink, the energy booster during cold days.


For the competition

1 to 3 days for a tough challenge you can replenish your energy reserves at muscle level, so that you can count on the full 100% energy from your body during your challenge. In the evening 1 dose already helps to replenish up to +95% of muscle energy reserves.

During the competition

You can use this ENERGY drink to replenish your energy and keep going. Also during colder periods (< 12°) you can use this drink as a thirst-quencher in order to maintain your performance at a high level.

In between games (e.g. tennis, football,... )

In between two manches or matches you can use this drink to replenish your already used energy reserves and to be able to go full again afterwards.

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Anniek Lannoo
Zer goed

Werkt goed en is goed om te drinken