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B-form plus

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  • The secret of a nice firm bust.
  • Bust firming cream for the breasts


Strengthen the breasts with the breast care cream.

Bust firming ? The secret of a nice firm bust lies in a supple and firm subcutaneous skin !

A breast consists of more than just glandular tissue : the fatty tissue and the subcutaneous tissue provide support and shape.

When there is a bad ratio of different tissues (after pregnancies, strong slimming / thickening, old age ...) one gets small, flabby or drooping breasts.

The ingredients to strengthen the breasts

B-Form Plus contains 3 revolutionary ingredients, scientifically tested :

-a bacterial filtrate, rich in growth stimulating elements

-a oligo-(bio)-peptide as precursor for collagen

-a oligo-(bio)-peptide as precursor for elastin.

These substances in synergy stimulate the tired metabolism and also provide: synthesis of skin collagen and elasticity of the subcutaneous tissue.

Tests in the lab show a clear improvement after 30 days in terms of tonicity and elasticity !

Use instructions

An easily spreadable cream in a jar for a cure of about 30 days. Completely harmless ! The increased tone and firmness of the tissues create a beautiful, seductive bust.

Use this cream preferably after showering. During the shower you can make the following preparations:

Brush the skin daily with a damp washcloth with salt or a body brush with natural bristles. This stimulates the lymph flow and promotes a good blood circulation.

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B-form plus
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