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Atrio Xtr for supple muscles and joints

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For flexible muscles and joints


Painful joints ? Stiff muscles ?

Stiff muscles or joints ? Bones cannot bend. Therefore the skeleton needs hinge points for its movement. These pivot points are formed by the joints. The skeleton cannot move on its own and therefore needs muscles. Due to various causes, inflammatory reactions can occur making movement difficult.

Devils claw supports keeping the joints supple

Atrio Xtr has a broad composition of plant extracts. It contains mainly Black redcurrant. Black redcurrant is already mentioned in medieval herbal books as a healing herb for stiff muscles, joints and limbs.

Devils claw supports keeping the joints supple. In addition, Atrio XTR contains Copper and Manganese, these minerals contribute to the formation of normal connective tissue and the maintenance of healthy cartilage.

Angelica sinensis or the angelica.

Angelica is a plant from the Apiaceae family, grown for its leaf stalks, stem and highly aromatic seeds used as a seasoning, and for its root used in phytotherapy.

It is a beautiful biennial, robust plant, between 1 and 2 meters high. The root is thick, fleshy and blackish. Angelica is one of the few medicinal plants native to the northern hemisphere (it thrives in the mountainous regions of southern Europe).


2 capsules: Harpagophytum procumbens* / Devil's claw (root) dry extract 250 mg - D-Glucosamine sulphate 2KCI 250 mg (from the shells of crustaceans) (corresponds to D-Glucosamine sulphate 187, 5 mg) (glucosamine elemental content = 148mg) - Ribes nigrum* extract / Blackcurrant (seed) dry extract 100 mg - Angelica sinensis* extract / Angelica root (root) dry extract 100 mg - Manganese* (bisglycinate - Copper* (bisglycinate).


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Buyer 150 mcg (15% RI)
300 mcg (15% RI)


2 capsules per day while eating.