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Natural shampoo against grey hair


Treatment of grey hair

Anti-Grey is not a colouring agent. Anti-Grey is a shampoo that gradually restores your original colour when washed, making you look younger again quickly. Your grey hair will disappear visibly but gradually so you won't get annoying questions from your surroundings.

Shampoo against grey hair

Shampoo with Conditioner. Anti-Grey is both a shampoo and conditioner in one and contains a number of additional restorative ingredients of natural origin to make the colour of your hair change imperceptibly to your original colour.

Preventing grey hair.

Whether it is white or grey hair, the first grey hair usually appears after your 30thyear of life. We do everything we can to prevent this from happening. Heredity plays a major role in the discolouration of our hair, but there are also environmental factors that are an important factor.

Environmental factors that can delay ageing.

Avoiding smoking Tobacco is the most important factor in premature ageing. Smoking damages the small blood vessels and our capillaries are the first to suffer. If our small capillaries are deprived of the essential elements, our hair bundle will tire more quickly.

Hair Xtr: essential nutrients for our hair.

Limited sun exposure

Like our skin, our hair is sensitive to the sun's aggressive ultraviolet rays. Better protection of your skin from the sun can also delay grey hair. In summer, avoid the most dangerous hours of sunshine (12.00 - 16.00).


Customer Reviews

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Ali Tuygan


Etienne Destombes

Niets op aan te merken

Joyce and Iordanis Adamidis Adamidis
Anti-grey shampoo

Been using for years. Excellent for.the hair, causes no damages. Excellent product.

armi davitian
A superb choice

This product is surely a superb choice ! I have frequently from time to time applied it for washing away my few turned grey hair ! It's indeed what you really could enjoy having it!