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Sources of vitamin d 3 in daily life:

Sunlight, oily fish, meat, eggs, (organic) milk, margarine enriched with vitamin D, low-fat margarine and baking and roasting products.

When does a vitamin d deficiency occur?

  • If you cannot be outside for 15 to 30 minutes daily between 11 and 3 p.m., the position of the sun is then optimal)
  • If your hands, arms or head are covered when you are outside, then there is not enough skin in contact with the sun.
  • If you use a sun cream/day cream with a high protection factor (SPF) to protect your skin (after all, the cream blocks UV rays).
  • From roughly October to March, because then the number of hours of sunshine and the intensity of the UV rays in Central Europe are insufficient to produce enough vitamin D
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Other causes of vitamin d deficiency:

  • As you get older, because then your skin becomes thinner, making it less easy to make vitamin D
  • If you have dark skin, because then you produce less vitamin D than someone with lighter skin.
  • Children during growth spurts, because then there is an extra need for vitamin D to support bone formation

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